Is Monday Hour One available in Self Coaching Scholars?

Yes. Once again, Brooke has overdelivered. In addition to the regular monthly content in Scholars, you’ll get access to the full Monday Hour One program. Click here to discover your true potential with Self Coaching Scholars.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course completion time will vary from person to person. We recommend scheduling about 2 hours for the full course. And the best part is you’ll get back that time—and so much more—when you implement this planning process.

Are there worksheets included?

There is no need for worksheets with Monday Hour One. Simply implement the process on your personal calendar and create an extra day’s worth of time. Each week. Not only will this course completely change how you think about time, it will show you what you’re really capable of.

How do I know if Monday Hour One is for me?

Do you feel like you need more hours in the day? Is your to-do list never ending? Do you want to learn how to design your life with what you actually want to do? If so, Monday Hour One is for you. Time management is about taking your life to the next level.